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We offer a variety of services each designed to meet the specific needs of the clients we work with. They include professional speakers, training, consultancy, coaching and facilitation.  Our consultants are highly skilled individuals with years of experience in their fields of expertise. We look forward to working with you today or in the near future.


Our current range of projects are spread across the private, public, faith-based and charitable / voluntary sectors. They cover a variety of areas that include education, parenting, equality, diversity and inclusion, international development, health services, wellbeing, broadcasting, publishing and community engagement.


We work hard to develop strong partnerships with our clients. We prioritise gaining an in depth understanding of your needs and delivering a service to match. We recognise that  you have your own unique set of values, priorities and drivers that make you distinct from others. We work hard to understand and respect those differences.




David Shosanya is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Paideia Training and Consultancy. PAIDEIA is the Greek word used to describe the process of becoming a well rounded human being by gaining knowledge and understanding. However, the focus is not purely on knowledge acquisition, but how knowledge is embraced to enhance the humanity of the learner and the people they come into contact with. 


This focus informs all that we do at Paideia Training & Consultancy - our speaking, training, facilitation consulting and coaching services - it is embedded in our three core values: ​​


  • Transparency: being open and not closed towards oneself and others

  • Responsibility: being courageous enough to own what belongs to you
  • Vulnerability: being willing to live beyond the sphere of security

Our philosophy of engagement is rooted in our core values and processed through our unique 3-5-4 model (above) which focusses on an holistic approach to speaking, training, facilitation, consultancy and coaching. The model is built on the conviction that our core experiences, thoughts and emotions inform our behaviour, and consciously or unconsciously, determine our responses.


A failure to acknowledge, recognise, embrace and work the three core themes of experiences, thoughts and emotions significantly undermines our ability to build the level of rapport that is required to create the vulnerability that allows for transformation to take place in individuals, teams, networks or organisations.


Registered address:

71-75 Shelton Street,

Covent Garden,


WC2H 9JQ  

Tel: 07495 983 970


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