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Our philosophy of engagement is rooted in an integrated and holistic approach to speaking, training, facilitation, consultancy and coaching. Our insights and methodologies are informed by empirical research which provides a strong scientific basis to our work.  Clients therefore have a firm foundation on which to build. We are intentional in creating safe learning environments that inspire trust, which in turn increases a sense of belonging, enhances personal performance and promotes organisational wellbeing.

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David Shosanya
Director and Principal

Our team of consultants is led by David Shosanya who has over 30 years of leadership experience at operational, strategic and board level. He has served as an Executive Director and Board Chair in the charitable, faith and commercial sectors. David is also international speaker and respected advisor to leaders. 

Christina Pilkington Associate Consultant

Christina Pilkington is an organisational consultant and Enneagram trainer. She is passionate about leaders flourishing and organisations thriving. She brings a psychodynamic and systemic approach along with over 20 years of experience to her work.  

Elsa Caleb
Associate Consultant

Elsa is a Business Strategist with over 20 years’ experience. Elsa is a former member of the Small Business Council, an advisor to 3 Secretaries of State for Trade  and Industry, a former Chair of The Institute of Business Consulting and a Business Awards Judge.

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